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Rollover Crash Closes County Rd 110

 Posted on January 15,2020 in Uncategorized

A recent morning gave rise to a serious accident on County Road 110, near Rockride Lane in Williamson County. Law enforcement gave no indication that anyone was injured, but rollover accidents are among the deadliest types, causing disproportionate amounts of fatalities even though this type of crash is relatively uncommon. If you are lucky enough to survive a rollover crash, you likely have serious injuries and medical bills, but you may be able to obtain compensation for what you have been through.

Statistics Show High Fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics on rollover accidents are somewhat outdated, but nonetheless very revealing of trends that do not appear to have changed over time. Roughly two percent of all accidents on the road are of the rollover type, but a shocking 35 percent of all passenger vehicle deaths during that time occurred in rollovers. There are different theories as to why, but most boil down to the common-sense fact that more simply happens in most rollovers – all that metal and glass actually overturning, and the physical forces involved, will do more to a human body than most other types of car wrecks.

Some drivers do contribute to their own injuries, most often by speeding or failing to wear a seatbelt. The NHTSA also noted an association between elevated blood alcohol content (BAC) and fatal rollovers, particularly fatal single-vehicle rollovers. It is also worth noting that many rollovers happen while the driver is engaged in routine maneuvers – which in turn leads to a possible conclusion that distraction or boredom can play a role as well.

Causes for Single-Vehicle Crashes

If you have been involved in a rollover crash, and you believe that it might be due to the negligence of another person, your next step may be to try and file suit against the driver or other actor that you believe was responsible. However, the majority of rollover crashes are single-vehicle accidents, which means that ostensibly, no other vehicle played a role in causing the crash. Given that one cannot exactly get compensation from themselves, it may seem like an injured plaintiff is out of luck.

However, even in single-vehicle crashes, there may be negligent actors involved. It may be that your vehicle was defective or had a defective component, and if this is so, you may be able to hold the manufacturer liable for the defect. Another possibility is unsafe road conditions – poorly marked construction areas, missing or obscured signage, or other road issues may confer liability on the entity charged with maintaining the roads (in many cases in Texas, this would be the Texas Department of Transportation).

Can a New Braunfels Rollover Accident Attorney Help You?

While the condition of the rollover victim on County Road 110 is still unknown as of this writing, you should be aware that rollover crashes are dangerous and often deadly. If you have experienced one, calling a skilled New Braunfels rollover accident attorney at the Bettersworth Law Firm may be a good first step toward getting the compensation you deserve. Call our offices today at 888-392-0039 to schedule a free consultation.


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