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SUV Crashes into Home Sending 9-Year-Old to Hospital

 Posted on July 22,2021 in Uncategorized

A San Antonio family almost suffered unthinkable tragedy Saturday night when an SUV came crashing into their home. The accident sent the driver of the SUV and a nine-year-old child who was in the home to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Residents of the East Southcross neighborhood where the crash occurred say this is the fifth time in five years a vehicle has gone off the street and into a house or tree and that something needs to be done to address the speeding drivers who drive through the area.

The Crash

According to accident details released by San Antonio police, at approximately 2 a.m., the female driver failed to negotiate a curve in the road and hit a curb. This caused the SUV to roll into the front of the home. The crash impact ejected the driver, resulting in serious injuries.

Multiple children were sleeping in the room in which the SUV crashed. The 9-year-old victim was sleeping in a bed that became buried under the rubble from the crash, injuring his arm. Just moments before the accident occurred, the mother had removed another child who had been sleeping in a crib next to the boy’s bed. The crib was completely destroyed, and had the child still been in the crib, would have likely suffered severe to fatal injuries.

Neighbors say the road is a dangerous one because of the curve and want the city to install reflective signage, barriers, or have police officers in the area in order to slow down the many speeding drivers that come through. One witness said that many of these drivers fail to see the curves and end up on residents’ front lawns.

Speeding Drivers

Speeding is one of the major causes of vehicle accidents and is responsible for killing almost 10,000 victims each year. When a driver speeds, they not only put themselves at risk, but also everyone who shares the road with them. Traveling faster than the posted speed limit can result in:

  • A higher risk of the driver losing control of the vehicle
  • A reduction in the amount of time a driver has to react in a situation in order to avoid crashing
  • An increase in the amount of stopping distance needed
  • A reduction in the effectiveness of vehicle safety systems
  • A reduction in the effectiveness of road safety structures
  • An increase in the severity of the crash, causing more severe injuries

Let a Texas Personal Injury Attorney Help

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a speeding driver, you may be entitled to damages for your medical bills, loss of income if you are unable to work while you recover, pain and suffering, scarring, emotional anguish, and more. A seasoned New Braunfels car accident attorney will make sure you get the financial compensation you deserve. Contact the Bettersworth Law Firm at 830-443-9193 to schedule a free consultation and find out what your legal options may be.


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