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Texas Rodeo Tries to Minimize Injuries

 Posted on March 18,2013 in Uncategorized

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo three-week festival—which includes bull riding, steer wrestling, and bucking bronco rides—is always looking for ways to improve the safety of both the riders and the animals. According to this article from the Big News Network, participants can expect to have top medical teams available to provide care.

These teams will include doctors, licensed medical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and radiology technicians. Many of the medical personnel are on-hand to provide preventative measures—i.e., wrapping or taping a previous injury or massaging tissue. The riders (who hail from Texas along with other states) also wear helmets. The most common injuries are bruises and strains, but there have been some more serious cases as well. One rider fractured his thumb this year, and another has a fractured rib, but still plans on riding for the championship.

There are veterinarians at the event as well, but the chief veterinarian states that injuries and accidents occur more frequently to the riders than the animals. “These are very valuable animals. They are worth thousands of dollars. And we take care of the animals, and the owners take good care of these animals, because they mean a lot to them. And their concern is for their health as much as their ability to perform.” He also believes that the animals enjoy the competition, since they only spend a few seconds performing and then go back to eating hay in their pen.

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