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Three Immediate Ways to Protect Your Rights after a Collision

 Posted on June 05,2017 in Uncategorized

Nothing is as scary as being involved in a car wreck, especially when you are the victim. The moment you are hit, shock mode ensues, causing you to either freeze up or jump into action. Even if you are fortunate enough to respond to the adrenaline rush with swift action, it is not at all uncommon to experience forgetfulness or the inability to focus on attention to detail. This can be problematic when the need to take notes is time sensitive. Your observations immediately after a collision have the potential to make a significant difference in the outcome of your case later on, once the accident has been reported and any court hearings take place.

What to Do the Moment You Are Struck

There are a number of actions you can take the moment you are struck to increase your chances of protecting your rights later on, but three of the most immediate ways you can protect your best interests include the following:

1. Move your car and check for injuries – The moment you are struck, for your safety and the safety of everyone else, it is imperative to move your vehicle away from traffic (if possible) and check for any signs of injury. At the very least, set up flares or raise the hood of your car to signal trouble on the roadway. By moving your car away from the road, you are preventing other drivers from being injured, which will, in turn, protect you from involvement in another accident. Also, by assessing any injuries right after you are hit, you will have the opportunity to report them right away to the necessary authorities and to any health professionals who need to assist you. Communication is key when it comes to your rights and your safety after an accident.

2. Get the other driver’s information – When another driver hits you, Texas law requires that the driver pays for the accident they cause. It is extremely important to obtain the other driver’s name, address, phone number, and insurance policy information directly after the collision in order to protect your rights. It is also helpful to jot down the vehicle license plate number and the driver’s license number of the person who hit you. The more contact information you have, the better. Write down anything that will help you and the authorities identify the person responsible for the crash, including other details of the scene of the accident, such as the time of day and how many vehicles were involved.

3. Reach out to witnesses – Another sure fire way you can better your chances of protecting your rights immediately after a crash is to see if there are any witnesses present. If there are, attempt to speak with them and obtain their names and phone numbers for your records. More often than not, witnesses of a collision will wait until the incident dies down and then offer their help or relay what they did or did not see. If someone is unwilling to speak to you, at least make note of their presence. Try to write down a description of their appearance, where they were at the time of the accident, and any other information that may potentially help authorities and your attorney question them later on.

You may not have the luxury of collecting all the information you need or taking note of everything you see at the scene of the accident, but you do have the power to speak with a skilled New Braunfels car accident attorney who can provide you with proper legal representation. Arming yourself with the right counsel and resources following your accident can make a huge difference in your case. If you have been seriously injured due to a car collision, contact the Bettersworth Law Firm right away at 830-443-9193 to ask for a personal consultation and inquire about any compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries.


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