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Who Is Liable for a Crash When a Car Pulls Into Traffic?

 Posted on April 05,2021 in Uncategorized

Within the past several days, there have been several serious car accidents in the San Antonio area involving drivers pulling out into the path of oncoming traffic. Such situations often result in T-bone collisions that can have severe consequences, including catastrophic injury and death, depending on the speed at which the vehicles were traveling and other factors. It can also be complicated to determine who is at fault for a crash of this nature, which can complicate personal injury claims.

Where Do These Accidents Occur?

A vehicle pulling out into traffic can happen under a variety of circumstances. It could occur at an intersection with a traffic light, for example, when a driver attempts a right turn on a red light while traffic is approaching from their left, or when a driver fails to acknowledge a red light at all. However, these accidents tend to be more common at intersections that are not so well regulated. One common example is an intersection at which drivers in one direction have a stop sign, but traffic in the other direction is not required to stop. Accidents are also common at intersections where there is no traffic sign or signal at all, such as a driveway, alley, or parking lot exit that intersects with a busy road. In some cases, visual obstructions like buildings or landscaping can make it difficult for a driver to see oncoming traffic, thereby contributing to a crash.

Questions of Liability

One of the most important questions, when someone is injured or killed in an accident of this nature, is, which driver is at fault? Is it the driver who pulled into traffic, or the driver who was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision? In many cases, the answer is complicated. For example, a driver who pulls into traffic after ignoring a stoplight or stop sign will likely be considered at least partially liable. The same may be true if the driver is distracted or simply makes a poor judgment call.

However, the driver in oncoming traffic could also be partially responsible if they are speeding at the time of the collision, or if a distraction or mental impairment related to alcohol or drugs keeps them from preventing an avoidable collision. Often, both drivers share liability, and it becomes important to determine each driver’s percentage of fault to see whether an injured party is eligible for compensation and how much they may be able to pursue.

Contact a New Braunfels Car Wreck Attorney

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