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Why are semi-truck crash insurance negotiations often so challenging?

 Posted on January 31,2024 in Uncategorized

The aftermath of a motor vehicle collision can take months to fully resolve. Depending on the scope of the property damage and injuries caused, the people involved may need months to properly settle everything. Those who get injured must receive immediate medical care. People also need to arrange for vehicle repairs after having their vehicle towed to the shop. In some cases where the vehicle is no longer safe to drive, people must begin the often lengthy and frustrating process of hunting for a replacement vehicle after a crash.

Those settling matters from a recent car crash often need to negotiate with insurance companies as part of that process. While many of the needs are the same when the vehicle that caused the crash is a semi-truck, not another passenger vehicle, the process can be infinitely more difficult than “usual” for people to manage.

Insurance companies have more to lose in semi-truck crashes

Claimants can expect more challenges when seeking coverage after a semi-truck crash. The biggest reason why insurance negotiations after a semi-truck collision might prove challenging is how much larger the insurance policies usually are.

Drivers in Texas usually only need to carry $30,000 of bodily injury coverage if they cause a crash where someone gets hurt and a minimum of $25,000 worth of property damage coverage. The baseline insurance requirement for semi-trucks is far higher than that. Most commercial trucks have at least $750,000 worth of liability coverage available after a collision.

While that could lead to better reimbursement for someone hurt in a wreck, it also usually means the insurance company has more incentive to negotiate claims aggressively. Low settlement offers and other manipulative negotiation tactics are a big concern when someone has to manage a six-figure insurance claim.

Individuals already struggling with practical challenges related to injuries and property damage may not be in a position to adequately advocate for themselves with a powerful insurance company. Those who are aware of the challenges of handling a large insurance claim after a semi-truck collision in Texas may recognize that they need legal assistance if they hope to obtain the best possible outcome.

Understanding what separates semi-truck crash claims from standard insurance negotiations may help people recognize when they need help to handle the situation effectively.

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