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Woman Pinned in Vehicle After San Antonio Loop 410 Two-Car Crash

 Posted on December 29,2021 in Uncategorized

A woman was trapped in her car after two cars crashed on Wednesday morning near the San Pedro Avenue exit on Loop 410. At 2 a.m., two cars were driving next to each other in the same direction when one car crashed into the other for unknown reasons. The female driver’s car then crashed into the barrier, severely damaging the car and pinning the woman inside. Fortunately, she was only lightly injured and was detained by police.

Car wrecks are impossible to avoid entirely, but when they happen because a driver is distracted, intoxicated, or negligent, victims of injuries and vehicle damage may be able to obtain compensation. An experienced attorney can help car crash victims who have suffered personal injuries get the help they need.

Crashes with Road Barriers Cause Serious Injuries

Although road barriers are effective at preventing injury and death compared to no barriers at all, vehicle impact with the barriers can be very dangerous. The woman involved in this accident was not seriously hurt, but research suggests that many people whose cars crash into concrete road barriers are not so lucky. Impact, including post-impact events such as roll-overs, further collisions, and overrides are associated with severe injuries and deaths. Head and neck injuries, soft tissue damage, and severe back injuries are all commonly seen after a head-on collision with road barriers.

Can I Sue for Negligence If Someone Ran Me Off the Road?

Although in this instance it is not entirely clear which driver hit the other, there is no doubt that one car left its lane and caused an accident. Many road barrier incidents are caused when one car veers into another lane without warning, causing a crash or triggering another driver to swerve to avoid collision. Proving negligence on the part of the driver who left the lane can be difficult, because unless there was a crash between two vehicles before one vehicle hit the barrier, it may only be one motorist’s word against another.

When you get into a crash with a barrier, it is crucial to ensure you and your passengers are safe. Once everyone is out of danger, gather as much evidence as possible. Eyewitnesses, dashcam footage, CCTV cameras, and skid marks can all be strong evidence of a causal string of events. If the driver of the other vehicle drove away, any details you can remember about their car will help the police try to locate the driver.

Get Help From an Experienced New Braunfels Car Crash Lawyer

Knowing what to do after you have been in a serious car crash can be confusing and difficult. At The Bettersworth Law Firm, we know how to handle even the most difficult and complex cases and are committed to helping you pursue justice whenever such measures are warranted. We are ready to meet with you and help you decide how to move forward with your case. Call us today at 830-443-9193 to schedule a free consultation with a skilled New Braunfels car accident attorney.


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