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Conditions that cause poor visibility, such as fog, or heavy rain or snow, require extra caution on the part of every driver. Yet it is even more important for semitruck drivers to be particularly diligent when there is low visibility on the roadways. Big-rigs can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and when they are involved in a wreck with a passenger vehicle, the results can be devastating.

Lights And Reflectors For Big-Rigs

Due to their larger size, 18-wheelers are required to employ safety mechanisms in addition to those on the standard passenger vehicle. This includes multiple sets of lights and a specific number of reflectors on the sides and back of the truck. Trucking companies are required by federal law to install the right type and the correct number of reflectors in specific locations on the trucks in their fleet.

When this is not done, the trucking operators are held liable for any resulting truck crash. However, lights and reflectors alone are not enough to prevent a truck accident caused by poor visibility, especially when it is combined with another truck crash risk factor such as driver fatigue or dangerous roads.

Can A Truck Driver Be Liable If You Crashed Into The Tractor-Trailer?

We often think of accidents caused by truck drivers who crash into smaller vehicles. But truck drivers and trucking companies may also be to blame when smaller vehicles crash into their big rigs. The required lights and reflectors on a tractor-trailer are necessary so that other drivers can see the vehicle in low-visibility conditions, or when the truck may be stalled on the highway and unable to move.

These safety mechanisms are only effective if drivers can see them. Some trucks are so dirty that their reflectors are essentially useless. Similarly, truck drivers sometimes fail to check that all of their lights are in working order. If you were to smash into a truck because these safety devices were not working or fully visible, the truck driver and trucking company could be liable for the crash.

Decreased Visibility Requires Extra Caution

It’s critical that truck drivers use good judgment in determining whether or not to stay on the road when visibility is extremely limited due to weather conditions. Additionally, trucks can face limited visibility due to other conditions such as very steep or winding roads.

In these situations, semitruck operators are responsible for making adjustments in their driving to accommodate their limited visibility. They can be held legally responsible for any truck accident resulting from their lack of attention to these details.

Are Truck Drivers Required To Drive Defensively?

Every driver owes a duty of care to others on the road. This means driving in a manner that reduces the risk of an accident. Truck drivers have an even greater responsibility to drive defensively because of the size of their vehicles and the fact that they are professional, commercial drivers.

When visibility is low due to weather, changes in terrain and other factors, truck drivers need to make the decision to slow down, pull off the road and otherwise ensure that they are alert enough to keep driving. These decisions can be difficult because they will likely delay the delivery of the cargo and cost the driver money. But those losses are nothing compared to the damages caused by a truck accident.

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