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TX accident lawyerThe ramp between I-35 South to I-10 West in San Antonio is known as the Finesilver Curve, and it is very common to witness accidents there at all hours. On June 4, traffic was slowed nearly the entire second half of the day due to an 18-wheeler crash just off the ramp itself. No injuries were reported, but this is frequently not the case when big rigs crash. Truck accidents are responsible for significant numbers of fatalities and injuries each year, and if you wind up in such a situation, you need to know just how to bring suit to receive compensation for any injuries.

Stagnation in Numbers

While the total number of fatalities in large truck accidents has actually decreased (for the most part) in the last decade, the most recent available data still shows 4,564 fatalities in 4,075 crashes in 2016 and approximately 180,000 injuries in 119,000 crashes in the same year. This is roughly similar to figures from the previous five years, which may have any number of causes, from increased efficacy of highway safety programs to higher standards required by trucking companies from their employees in terms of maintenance and documentation.


 Texas injury lawyerOn May 14, an 18-wheeler jackknifed onto the access road of I-35, near Loop 410, after the driver lost control of the vehicle due to the slick roads. The truck remained upright, though at one point firefighters were called, as a minor fuel spill created the risk of fire after making contact with a battery. These types of accidents are not ubiquitous, but they are definitely not uncommon, especially in inclement weather, as 18-wheelers are notoriously difficult to handle even for experienced drivers.

Truck Statistics Are Sobering

While Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) statistics only show approximately 400 fatal crashes involving a truck or semi-truck in 2016, this does not count the number of fatalities, only the number of accidents. If one examines the statistics for the number of crashes which produced injury (both incapacitating and non-incapacitating), the number is closer to 3,000, and that also does not illustrate the total number of injuries, only crashes.


 Texas injury lawyerOn April 27, a Round Rock police officer who had been struck by an intoxicated motorist in a crash two months prior passed away from complications of those injuries. This has led to new charges for the motorist already in custody on the ground of intoxication manslaughter. As of this writing, the officer’s family has not stated any plan to sue the driver for wrongful death, but if you are so unfortunate as to be in such a situation, you may be able to do so.

Wrongful Death

Texas law recognizes two types of wrongful death lawsuits. A standard wrongful death suit benefits the deceased person’s immediate family members - usually the parents, children, and spouse, if they exist. Wrongful death is a cause of action based in negligence law, and to establish a case against a specific defendant, you must be able to show that they caused your loved one’s death due to their (or their agent’s) negligence, recklessness or generally wrongful act. Establishing negligence means that you must be able to show the defendant breached the general duty of care owed to you by that person, and that no other cause intervened between their conduct and your harm.


 Texas injury lawyerMotorists on Round Rock’s Greenlawn Boulevard were surprised on May 22, when a car came speeding through the neighborhood, slamming into the side of a parked car and hitting several others before coming to a stop. Police stated that the driver was stopped, but not arrested - however, any more property damage or injury and an arrest might have been forthcoming. Side collisions can cause significant damage to people and things, despite the casual reputation they often have.

Sideswipe Collisions Make Up High Percentage of Casualties

Approximately 20 percent of all deaths in single-vehicle auto accidents are due to side-swipe accidents, with the percentage climbing to 32 percent in multi-vehicle accidents. There are multiple potential causes of such collisions, but recklessness and negligence do figure prominently in the list. Other potential reasons include distracted driving and substance abuse, but the majority of such accidents are largely due to driver error.


Texas injury lawyerOn the night of May 22, one motorcyclist was killed and one injured as a pickup truck struck them both on the shoulder of Old Corpus Christi Road. The cyclists had pulled over to try and fix a problem with one of the bikes, but apparently, the driver of the pickup truck was not able to see them. One motorcyclist died at the scene, a 35-year old man, and a younger man was airlifted to San Antonio Military Medical Hospital with “life-threatening” injuries. While this accident is obviously a tragedy, it is somewhat unusual in that most motorcycle-related accidents occur when both vehicles are in motion. Texas roads can be more dangerous for motorcycle riders than any other vehicle operators.

Multiple Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

While accidents simply happen sometimes, there are common causes which may precipitate accidents more often than might otherwise occur. A significant portion of motorcycle accidents, especially in Texas, with its high-speed limits, can be put down at least partially to visibility issues. The wreck on Old Corpus Christi Road can partially be ascribed to visibility problems, but more normally, visibility will be an issue in terms of seeing a motorcycle in a car or truck’s “blind spot,” or simply missing it because of its slim frame and light weight. Some motorcyclists will also lane split (share a lane with an automobile), despite its questionable legality in Texas, which can make them hard to see.


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