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New Braunfels pedestrian injury attorneyEarly this month, a runner was killed in a hit-and-run incident in San Antonio near Loop 1604, contributing to an unfortunate pattern of serious injuries and fatalities among runners, joggers, and other pedestrians in Texas. Being hit by a car while running can cut your life short or alter it permanently, and it may be a challenge to recover the compensation you deserve. With this in mind, any precautions you can take to avoid being injured by a negligent driver are worthwhile.

Safety Tips for Texas Runners and Joggers

Whether you are an avid runner or occasional jogger, it is important to be aware of the risk of injury any time you are running near the road. You can better ensure your safety by doing all of the following:

  • Staying away from high traffic areas. Whenever possible, try to plan your running route to avoid busy roads. Sticking to jogging trails and residential areas can help you stay out of harm’s way. If you do need to include a busier road in your route, try to time your run to avoid rush hour when traffic is at its most dangerous.


New Braunfels car crash attorneyIf you are injured in a car accident, your chances of recovering compensation depend on your ability to demonstrate that another party was negligent. In order to receive the largest possible settlement or verdict, you may also need to demonstrate that you were not partially at fault. Doing so requires that you have strong evidence to support your claim, and one of the strongest forms of evidence is video footage of the crash.

Video footage may not exist for every accident, but it is available more often than you might expect. The question is, how can you find it in order to use it in your case? It can be difficult to obtain video evidence on your own, but an experienced personal injury attorney can make it much easier.

What Kind of Video Evidence May Be Available?

Depending on where the accident happens and who is around to witness it, video footage of the crash may be available from a variety of sources. Some of the most common include:


New Braunfels truck accident attorneyDrunk driving is a serious problem in Texas. Not only does Texas have the largest number of fatal accidents involving alcohol intoxication, but alcohol also accounts for an outsized percentage of fatal accidents in Texas compared to most other states. All drunk drivers can be a severe danger to themselves and others on the road, but intoxicated truck drivers are capable of causing especially dangerous accidents and severe injuries.

Deterrents Against Truck Driver Intoxication

Commercial truck drivers are subject to strict laws and regulations regarding alcohol and drug use, both at a federal level and within the state of Texas. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires trucking companies to administer drug and alcohol tests for their drivers under a variety of circumstances, including before hiring, after an accident, and when there is reasonable suspicion of intoxication.

Additionally, under Texas state law, the driver of a commercial truck can be charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) and lose their commercial driver’s license for at least a year if they are found to have a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.04 or any amount of controlled substance in their body while operating a commercial vehicle. However, despite these deterrents, intoxicated drivers are still the source of many truck accidents in Texas.


New Braunfels construction accident lawyerLast week, two people traveling through a roadwork area on I-10 in South Texas were killed after a construction crane malfunctioned and a part landed on their vehicle. The unusual circumstances of this tragic car accident raise questions regarding an injury victim’s options for recovering compensation when an accident is caused by something other than another driver. In a complicated case such as this one, working with an experienced personal injury attorney is especially important.

Determining the Cause of a Construction Accident

When an accident resulting in injuries occurs in or around a construction site, there is a wide range of possible causes. Even if you know that a particular piece of equipment is responsible for the injuries, it is still important to determine the specific chain of events that led to the accident in order to make a strong case for compensation from the appropriate party. If you have been injured, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to begin investigating the situation, including by visiting the scene of the accident, interviewing witnesses, and requesting records from construction companies and contractors who may have been involved.

The party from whom you can recover damages depends on the specific cause of the accident. For example:


TX injury lawyerTexas motorcyclists face a high risk of severe injuries due to the negligence of other drivers. However, unlike in many car accidents, the force of the initial collision with another vehicle is often not the source of the worst injuries in a motorcycle crash. Rather, those injuries frequently come from a motorcyclist's impact with the road surface or another stationary object after being thrown from their vehicle. If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, a personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation.

What Causes Motorcyclist Injuries in Texas?

Unlike occupants of passenger vehicles who are often contained by safety measures including seat belts, airbags, and the vehicle frame, motorcyclists have very little to keep them protected and secured to their vehicle in the event of a collision. As such, when a motorcycle is struck by another vehicle, the rider is almost always flung from the motorcycle, often leading to a high-speed impact with an object like a median or barrier, a utility pole, or the road itself. Motorcyclists who are ejected from their vehicle may also be at risk of further injury from passing traffic that may not be able to react in time to avoid them.

In some cases, a motorcyclist may be thrown from their vehicle even without a direct collision with another car. For example, they could lose control after swerving to avoid a collision, or they could be dragged across the road after laying down their motorcycle to prevent a crash, as they may have been trained to do. Anytime a motorcyclist is thrown from their vehicle, they can suffer severe injuries including:


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