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New Braunfels Car Accident AttorneyThe last thing any family would expect when they are relaxing in their own home is a vehicle smashing through the wall. However, this is exactly what happened to one San Antonio family. The crash, which occurred just before midnight on October 6, 2021, left a 3-year-old child injured and a home in complete disarray. Fortunately, no one died from the accident. The shocking pictures of the accident scene are a stark reminder of just how lucky the home’s residents are to be alive. Sadly, many car accident victims are not as fortunate.

Pictures Show a Dramatic Accident Scene

The pictures from a recent San Antonio accident are unlike typical car accident photographs. Images show a vehicle surrounded by debris partially inside of a residential home. The front of the car crashed directly into the front of the home, leaving a massive hole. A young girl and her father were home that evening, but fortunately, they both survived the stunning experience. A nurse heading home from work witnessed the accident and ran into the rubble to help care for the injured toddler. The girl was taken to the hospital for her injuries and is reportedly in stable condition. The father and other occupants were unharmed.

Driver Allegedly Missed a Turn at an Intersection

The driver who crashed into the home is in police custody as of October 7, 2021, however, the consequences he may face for the crash are currently unknown. The man allegedly missed a turn at a T intersection which sent his car speeding toward the house. He then fled from the accident scene but was caught by police shortly after. Police suspect that the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash.  


Texas car crash injury lawyerNeedless to say, the last few years have been some of the hardest times in recent history. Texans are juggling COVID-19 fears, demanding work schedules, family concerns, financial difficulties, and other worries on a daily basis. For many, finding the time to get adequate sleep is simply not possible.

Unfortunately, sleep deprivation can lead to serious consequences, including severe auto accidents. One San Antonio woman learned this lesson the hard way after falling asleep at the wheel and colliding with an 18-wheeler on Interstate 35.

Sleep Deprivation and Drowsy Driving is a Major Contributor to Accidents

Doctors recommend that adults get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night. However, many of us fall short of this goal. Sleep deprivation can reduce cognitive functioning and increase reaction time – two major concerns for drivers. When drivers are sleepy, they may make crucial errors behind the wheel or even fall asleep for seconds or minutes at a time. Sleepy driving or drowsy driving is estimated to contribute to almost 100,000 car accidents each year. These accidents cause an estimated 1,500 deaths and 70,000 injuries.


New Braunfels Personal Injury AttorneyEven young children know that “red means stop.” Unfortunately, this does not stop some motorists from ignoring traffic signals entirely. This is what seems to have happened the early morning of September 26, 2021 on the West Side of San Antonio. Three people tragically lost their lives and one more was injured after a collision caused by speeding and running a red light. The motorist who caused the crash was found to be under the influence and is currently facing charges for intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault.

Accidents Caused by Running a Red Light

Motorists are required by law to stop completely at red lights and stop signs. Motorists may break the law and fail to stop at a traffic signal for countless reasons, including:

  • Intoxication by drugs or alcohol – Motorists who are under the influence may be unaware of their surroundings. They may not even realize that they have run a red light until they collide with another motorist traveling through the intersection.


New Braunfels Car Accident AttorneyStopping at a red light is such a basic rule that even elementary school children understand it. Unfortunately, some drivers intentionally ignore red lights or fail to notice that the light has turned red until they are in the intersection. Running a red light is estimated to have caused nearly 900 deaths and over 140,000 injuries in car accidents the year 2019 alone.

Just recently, one local man lost his life, and another was severely injured because of drivers failing to stop at a stop signal. These accidents are a somber reminder that failing to follow basic traffic laws can lead to devastating consequences.

Running a Red Light Can Lead to Horrific Car Accidents

Just after 1am August 28, officers responded to an accident on West Southcross Boulevard caused by running a red light. The reason the driver of a Dodge Charger failed to stop at a red light early Saturday morning is not known. However, this decision has affected the lives of countless others. The Charger struck a pickup truck and sent the vehicle careening into a utility pole. The driver of the pickup truck died at the accident scene.


Kerrville Car Accident AttorneyRegular vehicle maintenance is an important responsibility for any car owner. When you take your car in to be serviced, you probably assume that the mechanic is competent and that your car will be fixed properly. Unfortunately, mechanics, car dealerships, and repair shops can make mistakes that make a vehicle unsafe to drive. If poor vehicle maintenance causes a preventable car accident, the party responsible for servicing the vehicle may be liable for damages.

Accidents Caused by Substandard Vehicle Maintenance

Most personal injury cases, including car accident injury cases, are founded upon an allegation of the defendant’s negligence. The term “negligence” refers to the party’s breach of duty. A mechanic has a duty to either fix your vehicle or inform you that the vehicle is not fixed and not safe to drive. When a mechanic or auto repair facility’s oversight, shortcut, or mistake causes a vehicle to be unsafe and the owner is not informed of this, the owner may get into a serious accident.

Examples of mechanic negligence that could cause a crash include but are not limited to:


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