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New Braunfels Personal Injury AttorneyNearly half a million motorcycles are registered in Texas. The warm weather and scenic landscapes make it a perfect destination to enjoy the road on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are almost 30 times more likely to pass away in a traffic accident than those in passenger cars. Fatal motorcycle accidents are not uncommon in the Lone Star State. Just recently, two motorcyclists and one pick-up truck occupant died in a collision on Farm-to-Market Road 306. It is unknown at this time what the exact cause of the accident was or whether negligent driving may have played a role in the crash.

Investigators Believe Speeding May Have Contributed to Fatal Crash

Collisions involving motorcyclists often lead to catastrophic or life-threatening injuries – especially when motorcyclists are not wearing a helmet. The exact cause of the recent collision is still being investigated. However, a representative for the Texas Department of Public Safety has stated that speeding around a corner may have led to the tragic accident.

Speeding is a common contributor in fatal and injury-causing accidents in Texas and throughout the United States. While most people are used to driving a few miles above the speed limit, it is important for every driver to remember that speed limits exist for a reason. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that speeding is a contributing factor in over a quarter of all fatal traffic accidents.


New Braunfels Personal Injury LawyerRiding a motorcycle can be a great way to enjoy the New Braunfels and San Antonio areas, however, motorcyclists are also at a significantly increased risk of injury and death during a motorcycle accident. Without a vehicle frame to protect them, motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable during a collision.

One motorcyclist was left with severe injuries after being struck on I-35 and drug 100 yards by a driver police say was intoxicated. The accident highlights the importance of motorcycle awareness as well as the dangers facing motorcyclists on a daily basis.

Police Say Driver Struck Motorcyclist and Attempted to Flee the Scene

Interstate 35 is known for being a dangerous road in Texas. Injury-causing and fatal accidents are not uncommon on this stretch of highway. Recently, a man driving a Buick rear-ended a motorcyclist and dragged the man hundreds of feet before trying to flee the scene. Fortunately, police caught the driver of the Buick and arrested him. The driver faces charges for Failure to Stop and Render Aid, Intoxication Assault, and several other charges. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital with critical injuries.


TX injury lawyerTexas motorcyclists face a high risk of severe injuries due to the negligence of other drivers. However, unlike in many car accidents, the force of the initial collision with another vehicle is often not the source of the worst injuries in a motorcycle crash. Rather, those injuries frequently come from a motorcyclist's impact with the road surface or another stationary object after being thrown from their vehicle. If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, a personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation.

What Causes Motorcyclist Injuries in Texas?

Unlike occupants of passenger vehicles who are often contained by safety measures including seat belts, airbags, and the vehicle frame, motorcyclists have very little to keep them protected and secured to their vehicle in the event of a collision. As such, when a motorcycle is struck by another vehicle, the rider is almost always flung from the motorcycle, often leading to a high-speed impact with an object like a median or barrier, a utility pole, or the road itself. Motorcyclists who are ejected from their vehicle may also be at risk of further injury from passing traffic that may not be able to react in time to avoid them.

In some cases, a motorcyclist may be thrown from their vehicle even without a direct collision with another car. For example, they could lose control after swerving to avoid a collision, or they could be dragged across the road after laying down their motorcycle to prevent a crash, as they may have been trained to do. Anytime a motorcyclist is thrown from their vehicle, they can suffer severe injuries including:


TX accident lawyerLast week, a 30-year-old motorcyclist was killed in an accident on Loop 410 after two motorcycles made contact with each other. The accident also led to a semi-truck rollover, road closure, and significant injuries to the other motorcyclist involved. Law enforcement states that at the time of the crash, the two motorcyclists were racing and that the surviving motorcyclist will be charged with the criminal offense of racing on the highway leading to death. An accident such as this highlights the potentially severe consequences of a motorcycle crash.

Factors that Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that excessive speed is an especially common factor in fatal motorcycle accidents when compared to accidents involving other types of motor vehicles. Certainly, not every speeding motorcyclist is explicitly engaged in street racing, but traveling above the posted speed limit or operating at a speed that is unsafe for the current road conditions can be plenty dangerous on their own.

While it is unclear if alcohol was involved in the recent Loop 410 accident, it is another common factor in motorcycle crashes throughout the U.S. According to the NHTSA, more than one-quarter of all motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents have a blood alcohol concentration above the typical legal limit of 0.08. Alcohol impairment is even more common in motorcycle crashes that occur at night.


TX accident lawyerIn recent weeks, one San Antonio motorcyclist was killed in a hit-and-run accident involving erratic driving, and another died after laying his bike down in an attempt to avoid a collision. These deaths are part of a larger pattern in Texas, where over 400 motorcyclists lost their lives and over 1,800 were seriously injured in crashes in 2019. It is important for motorcyclists throughout the state to take all reasonable safety precautions to avoid injury or death and to know where to find help if they have been injured.

Reducing Risk of Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcyclists can take their safety into their own hands by taking important precautions. Some of the best ways to reduce injury risk include:

  • Wearing a helmet: While helmets are not always effective at preventing injuries or saving lives, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that they saved more than 1,800 lives in 2017.
  • Wearing visible clothing: Many motorcycle accidents happen at night or because another driver fails to see the motorcycle. Bright or reflective clothing can make you more noticeable.
  • Following traffic laws: Driving defensively and at safe speeds can help you avoid a crash, as can making sure that you never drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Practicing in safe conditions: Riding a motorcycle is a skill that takes time to acquire. You should make sure you are fully confident in your abilities before driving in high traffic environments or adverse road conditions.

What to Do After an Accident

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, prompt medical attention can help to save your life and create a record of your injuries, and an attorney can help you gather evidence of another driver’s negligence to start building your case for compensation. Speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving on the part of other drivers are all common causes of accidents involving motorcyclists, and all of these can justify a personal injury lawsuit.


The sooner you call, the sooner we can build your case, secure evidence and get maximum compensation for your injuries.

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