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New Braunfels Car Accident AttorneyBeing a truck driver is consistently cited as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Truckers spend long hours on the roads, often driving in poor weather and dangerous traffic conditions. Sadly, many truck drivers lose their lives in traffic collisions. One New Braunfels man is facing serious criminal charges after he struck and killed a truck driver on Interstate 35 and then fled the scene. Hit and run car accidents often result in severe injuries and fatalities. If you or a loved one were hurt in a car crash where the at-fault driver fled the scene, a personal injury attorney may be able to help.

Driver Fled the Scene of the Accident After Striking Pedestrian

A 54-year-old Texan tragically lost his life after being fatally struck during a pedestrian accident on September 11, 2021. The truck driver had exited his truck and was standing on the shoulder of the highway when a driver hit him in a Dodge Neon. The driver who caused the fatal collision left the scene of the accident but was caught by police within a few hours. He has since been arrested and charged with Accident Involving Death.

Hit and Run Accidents Resulting in Death or Injury

Being hurt in any type of car crash is shocking, but being the victim of a hit and run is especially traumatic. If you or someone you care about was hurt in a hit-and-run accident, you may be unsure of what to do next. You may wonder how you will recover compensation for your vehicle damage and medical bills.


New Braunfels Personal Injury AttorneyWhether you were injured due to a car wreck, slip and fall accident, medical error, or another incident, your injuries have probably had a profound impact on your life. When someone suffers a broken bone, brain or spine injury, or another serious injury, we typically focus on the short-term pain the person suffers. Unfortunately,  such injuries can also have long-term consequences that significantly hinder the person’s ability to resume his or her normal life. In some cases, financial compensation for the monetary and non-monetary consequences of an injury is available through a personal injury lawsuit.

Economic Damages After an Injury

The term “damages” refers to the losses caused by an accident or injury. Many of these losses are financial in nature. You may be able to recover compensation for your vehicle repair costs or vehicle replacement costs and other property damage. You may also be able to recover compensation for medical bills resulting from the injury, including costs related to:

  • Emergency room care


Texas Personal Injury LawyerWhile we usually think of car accidents as accidents involving one or more vehicles, many car wrecks involve bicyclists and pedestrians. Cars are expected to share the road with pedestrians just as pedestrians are expected to share the road with vehicles. Unfortunately, inattention, impaired driving, speeding, and other forms of negligence lead to a shocking number of pedestrian accidents in Texas every year. Pedestrian deaths in Texas have been steadily increasing with one in five fatal auto accidents involving a pedestrian. In 2019, just under 6,000 pedestrians were involved in vehicle collisions and 669 of these pedestrians lost their lives.

Just recently, a man attempting to cross the Northeast Side Highway in San Antonio was fatally struck by an SUV. In pedestrian-vehicle accidents, is the driver of the vehicle always at fault? What can the surviving family of a deceased pedestrian do to pursue justice for a fatal accident?

Understanding Liability in a Pedestrian Accident

Obviously, a person is no match for a car, truck, or other motor vehicles. Consequently, pedestrian accidents frequently involve severe or fatal injuries to the pedestrian. Shattered bones, brain damage, and injuries that cause long-term disability are not uncommon in pedestrian-vehicle collisions.


New Braunfels Personal Injury LawyerThe last thing you expect to see when traveling down the road are headlights pointing at you from a car traveling in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, for some wrong-way crash victims, this terrifying image is the last thing they ever see. A recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that approximately 500 people die in wrong-way crashes each year. Texas is responsible for more wrong-way fatalities than any other state in the country.

San Antonio Nurse One of Two Killed by a Driver Travelling in the Wrong Direction

On August 7, 2021, a 25-year-old nurse and her 24-year-old friend were tragically killed in a head-on crash caused by a driver traveling the wrong way down Interstate 35. The young women had their whole lives ahead of them until the crash changed everything in an instant. Police have arrested a man they believe was driving drunk at the time of the collision. He may face two counts of intoxication manslaughter for the women’s deaths.

Legal Options for Surviving Family Members

If your loved one was seriously injured or killed in a wrong-way crash, you should know that you may have legal recourse. The driver who caused the crash may face criminal charges for drunk driving or manslaughter. However, you may also be able to bring a civil claim against the driver or other at-fault party. If a truck driver or another type of employee caused the crash, the driver’s employer may be liable. Money can never take away the heartbreak that comes from losing a family member or suffering a severe injury. However, compensation from an injury claim or wrongful death claim may help reduce the financial burden created by the crash. A civil claim against the at-fault party may also serve as a means of holding the party accountable for the collision.


New Braunfels Wrongful Death LawyerWhile few think about it, getting into a motor vehicle is statistically one of the most dangerous things most people do on a daily basis. Just under 4,000 people lost their lives in fatal auto collisions in Texas last year, and nearly a quarter-million were injured. News stories about fatal accidents are, sadly, commonplace in Texas and throughout the United States.

However, few collisions lead to as many deaths as a van accident that occurred on the afternoon of August 4, 2021. Details of the accident are still being discovered, but at this point, ten individuals have been pronounced dead.

Van Carrying Up to 30 Passengers Collided with Utility Pole

The van involved in the crash was carrying an estimated 30 passengers when it veered off the road and struck a utility pole, leading to catastrophic consequences. The accident is unique not only because of the high number of fatalities but also because it was a single-vehicle collision. Some reports indicate that the van may have been carrying undocumented immigrants from Mexico; however, the complete story is still unknown.


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