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Investigation Reveals Medicare Still Paying Doctors Despite Medical License Revocations

Posted on in Personal Injury
Medical License RevocationsAn investigation conducted by Bloomberg reveals that doctors are receiving millions of dollars from Medicare – despite the fact that they have lost their license to practice medicine. The publication found at least seven doctors who had collected over $6 million from Medicare. All the physicians found in the investigation had notified Medicare that their licenses had been revoked, yet Medicare still continued to pay when these doctors moved their practices to another state. Recently, the agency which administers Medicare released payment details for the year 2012. This is the first time in 20 years any data has been released. Bloomberg used this data to conduct its investigation. Examples of what the Bloomberg report uncovered includes:
  • One physician had his license permanently revoked by the state of Ohio so he moved his practice to New Mexico (where he had received a license to practice medicine almost twenty years ago). He received $660,005 from Medicare in 2012.
  • Another physician lost his license to practice in Alabama for gross malpractice, as well as New York, where it was revoked after a patient in his care died. The physician currently holds a Georgia medical license and received $22,134 from Medicare in 2012.
  • A Missouri doctor surrendered his license to practice following charges he had violated several drug laws. The doctor then moved to Illinois, where he currently has a license to practice. He received $3.5 million in Medicare payments in 2012.
According to a report issued in 2012 from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), Medicare paid out over $44 billion in payments which should not have been paid. The charges were billed either fraudulently or via billing errors. The GAO has had Medicare on its “high risk list” since 1990. The Bloomberg report highlights another reason why more investigation is needed. It is absolutely critical to consult a professional and reputable New Braunfels medical malpractice attorney in every instance of possible medical wrongdoing. Contact the Bettersworth Law Firm for all your personal injury law needs.

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