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TX injury lawyerRecently, a small plane originating from Sugar Land crashed as it was trying to divert to San Antonio International Airport. The craft reported engine issues and attempted to land, but sadly came down mere blocks from the airport’s air space. While as of this writing it does not appear that any legal action might be taken against any parties, it is possible that many different types of lawsuits might come out of a small plane crash, especially one that results in unfortunate fatalities. Having an attorney to protect your interests after such a horrible experience is often a good idea.

Rare But Serious

While small plane accidents such as this are much rarer than the average person tends to think - the data from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) estimates less than 10 charter plane accidents in 2016 - the jury is still out on the safety of even smaller private planes. The NTSB groups such flights under ‘general aviation,’ which is a very broad umbrella category, but because of so much data input, the number of accidents recorded in the general aviation category is over 1,000 for 2016. At this juncture, it is difficult to isolate small plane crashes from, say, powered parachutes or balloons.

The causes of aviation accidents tend to differ between small and large planes; crashes of large airliners are most often due to mechanical failure, while small planes crash most often due to pilot error. There are, of course, other reasons, but those are the most common. Some of the other causes for these types of accidents can include unsafe safety standards or negligent maintenance, problems with air traffic control, or even collisions on the runway or in mid-air. The downing of the Sugar Land plane was apparently due to engine trouble, which might merit bringing suit against its manufacturer.


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TX crash attorneyRecently, four people were injured in a serious wreck at 71 and Covered Bridge Drive, closing down Covered Bridge Drive for most of the morning. All of them were taken to nearby hospitals, with one having sustained life-threatening injuries and nature of the other three people’s injuries not specified. While no discussion of liability seems to have occurred in this particular case, it is important to be aware of your options after an accident. Too many people think that they have no case for one reason or another; in reality, you should be aware that there are ways to hold negligent drivers accountable.

Do I Need an Attorney?

If you have been in an auto accident and you or a loved one sustain serious or life-threatening injuries, hiring an attorney can feel like an overwhelming, insurmountable task. However, in reality, an attorney can be of great help with all of the sudden questions that pop up after a serious accident. An attorney can help negotiate with your insurer, search for evidence to support a personal injury claim, and handle the general legal questions while you focus on recovery.

Your attorney can also keep on top of deadlines that come up in this type of case. For example, Texas law allows two years from the date of the accident in which to file a personal injury lawsuit, which is very easy for an injured person to forget, given all the other situations on your proverbial plate during recovery. There are very rare exceptions to that two-year statute of limitations, but in general, that time is it, and an experienced personal injury attorney will be aware of that.


TX injury lawyerRecently, a school bus from the North East Independent School District (NEISD) was rear-ended by a car trying to go around it, injuring the bus driver and the auto driver. Approximately 30 children were on board, en route to Stone Oak Elementary, but none were reported injured; they were transferred to another bus and send on their way. However, school bus accidents can often end far worse for those involved, especially very young children. If your child or children is injured in a school bus crash, consulting a lawyer is a crucial step to determine how to proceed.

Rear-End Collisions Are Common

In general, rear-end collisions between vehicles (that is, collisions where one vehicle’s front end strikes another’s rear end) are some of the most common in the U.S., as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that they make up around 30 percent of all two-vehicle accidents. While these types of crashes are common, they are also allegedly the most avoidable - studies indicate that a majority of rear-end crashes occur simply because one or both drivers are not paying attention.

In the Stone Oak accident, the driver of the automobile had grown impatient and tried to cut around the bus, but miscalculated the distance and struck the back of the vehicle. This kind of driving is another common cause of rear-end crashes; trying to cut corners or pass another vehicle without appropriately checking the distances (in other words, driving in a manner that might be classified as negligent) can be the cornerstone for a personal injury lawsuit if negligence can be established.


TX truck accident lawyerRecently, the residents of a small apartment building on West Drexel Avenue in San Antonio received a rude awakening when a pickup truck crashed into the building. The driver allegedly claimed no knowledge of how he got there, and law enforcement saw no evidence of alcohol or other substances. Currently, the incident is being explained by the driver suffering a medical episode. However, if you ever are in this type of situation, it can be extremely confusing and disconcerting, especially if medical episodes are a common thing for you. It can ease your mind to have a clear picture of your liability compared to others.

Negligence Requires Voluntary Action

Torts are basically the civil equivalent of crimes, and if someone has committed a tort under Texas law, it can generally be held that they have acted negligently. In most car accident cases, at least one of the drivers can be shown to have been negligent in their actions, and negligence is what most often triggers liability. In other words, if a plaintiff can show that the defendant did not exercise reasonable care in their actions, they may wind up being held liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and suffering.

However, if someone has a medical episode while driving, in theory, they have not been negligent because the medical episode was not a conscious action they chose to make. Negligence requires conscious, voluntary action (or inaction) - in other words, a person has to knowingly act in a specific way before they can be accused of negligence. Having a medical episode is not an “action” - it is something that one’s body or brain does on its own. The question after this type of accident is usually whether or not anyone at all can be held liable.


TX accident lawyerRecently, the driver of an 18-wheeler was killed when he lost control of his vehicle, causing it to fall off the upper level of I-10 West near Laredo Street. The vehicle cut across lanes of traffic, hit the retaining wall, and fell over onto the street below. Truck accidents like this are somewhat rare, but while the unfortunate driver was pronounced dead at the scene, there were apparently no other injuries sustained. If you are not as lucky, you may at least be able to seek compensation for the injuries you have suffered in such an accident.

Trucking Accidents Are Deadly

Because of the cargo weight and size of 18-wheelers, accidents where they are involved are much more likely to be dangerous or even deadly than those involving smaller automobiles. Data from 2017 estimates that there were approximately 4,200 fatal crashes involving large trucks (only 1 percent of the police-reported total), but there were approximately 56,000 trucks involved in injury crashes, which is a higher proportion of vehicles on the road compared to the number of cars involved in accidents.

Other factors in trucking accidents are very, very common on Texas roads - for example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that almost 60 percent of all trucking accidents occur on rural roads, and nearly 30 percent occurred on interstate highways, of which Texas has the most mileage in the United States. Rural roads lend themselves to both speeding and a phenomenon called ‘highway hypnosis’, both of which can play major roles in auto accidents.


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