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Texas accident lawyerA motorcyclist was left in critical condition after being hit by a car on March 19 in South Austin. While no definitive cause has been stated for the accident, the scene indicated that the driver did not see the motorcyclist coming and struck him from the side. As of this writing no charges have been filed, but it is important to remember that all drivers should be especially alert for motorcyclists on Texas roads, with a failure to do so having serious consequences.

Motorcycle Accidents Happen Frequently

Texas is a state that loves its motorcycles, and with a higher number of riders comes a higher number of accidents. Data from the Texas Department of Transportation shows nearly 500 motorcyclists killed in 2015, while only California and Florida had comparable numbers in that year - the next highest number was almost 300 fewer, in South Carolina. While laws about helmet use and other safety measures may affect fatality numbers, issues such as visibility or speed do not have such easy fixes as others.


Texas injury attorney, Texas car crash lawyerA driver in Houston has been charged with intoxication manslaughter after he hit a worker in early October. The accident occurred just before 2 p.m. and police believe the driver was intoxicated at the time. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents that lead to serious injuries and deaths are all too common in Texas. Less than two weeks earlier a woman was killed in Harris County after a suspected intoxicated driver ran a red light and hit her vehicle head-on. This driver will also likely face intoxication manslaughter charges.

Alcohol-Related Crashes in Texas

Despite driving while drunk or impaired by drugs being illegal In Texas and throughout the U.S., many people still choose to get behind the wheel after drinking or taking controlled substances. These actions led to more than 10,000 alcohol-related crashes in Texas in 2015, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Of these accidents, 861 were fatal that year, killing a total of 960 individual. Another 2,187 people suffered incapacitating injuries.


Texas car accident lawyer, Texas injury attorneyThe San Antonio Spurs started the regular season against Golden State on October 25. They began away from home but were back on October 29 against New Orleans Pelicans. As fans crowd into the stadium throughout this season and enjoy typical basketball game fare including beer, nachos, and hotdogs, it is important to be aware of the potential for drunk driving after games. Many basketball fans who enjoy games up close and personal end up having too many drinks to get safely behind the wheel to go home. The same can be said for other professional sports, like football, baseball, and hockey fans. It is only natural to have a few beers at the game, but this can lead to alcohol-related crashes, personal injuries, and fatalities. If you were in a car accident caused by someone leaving a Spurs game, you should reach out to an attorney immediately for help.

Drunk Driving after Sporting Events

Alcohol and sports are consistently linked. Professional sporting events are so closely associated that alcohol producers and brewers often sponsor teams and major events. This is why it is no surprise that when fans attend games in person, they often enjoy a few beers at the event. One previous study, though not overly large or representational of every fan base, found that 8 percent of fans who agreed to be tested for alcohol after 13 major league baseball games and three national football league games were too intoxicated to drive. This may seem like an insignificant percentage, but as one of the researchers pointed out, in a stadium with thousands of fans, that equates to hundreds of people who need designated drivers or could cause serious accidents. The 8 percent figure may also be too low because many fans did not participate in the study and researchers did not ask to test underage fans.


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