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TX injury lawyerState Highway 130 runs from its concurrent route along I-35 in San Antonio, up through Seguin, north through Pflugerville and eventually ending in Georgetown. It handles a fair amount of traffic and has its fair share of injuries and fatalities. According to statistics cited by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), 37 people have died on SH 130 since the speed limit was modified in 2012 to allow cars to go 85 mph, making it the fastest highway in the United States. However, one wonders if it was worth it - the families of those injured or killed might say no.

Speeding Kills

Higher speeds make travel immeasurably more dangerous. TxDOT statistics show that roughly 750 people died in speed-involved crashes in Texas in 2017, with many of those deaths being the speeding drivers themselves, but too many were passengers or even innocent bystanders. Most causes of highway crashes can be linked at least indirectly back to elevated speed - for example, if someone has an accident in poor weather, it is highly likely that they will have been traveling too fast for the weather conditions. If someone is engaging in distracted driving, it is common for their speed to increase beyond the posted limits without their knowledge.

If you are injured in a highway accident, the most common theory under which most people bring suit is negligence, which has three criteria that must be met. A duty to exercise reasonable care is put on all motorists on any given road. In order to show negligence, you must show that the driver breached that duty, which caused tangible harm to you (not necessarily physical, but something more substantial than cuts and bruises) and that they did so via their conduct, with no other superseding cause. If you are able to establish these criteria, you have a good shot at prevailing in your case.


Posted on in Car Wrecks

Texas accident lawyer, Texas car crash attorneyLast month, a vehicle carrying the driver and one passenger crashed into a utility pole and gas line in New Braunfels. The accident caused a serious gas leak resulting in a road closure and two home evacuations. Crews worked hours to repair the damage. The driver and passenger both fled the scene of the accident and were later arrested and charged. While property damage may have been minimal outside of the gas leak, the crash is an example of the unexpected damages that can occur from collisions. Negligent drivers can be held liable not only for damage to other individual’s cars during collisions, but also for damage to personal and government property.

Property Damage to a Vehicle

After an auto accident, you are entitled to recover compensation for your damaged vehicle. Most insurance providers will pay out the difference between what your car was worth before the accident versus what it is now worth after the accident. This may simply lead to the insurer paying out the cost of repairing your vehicle or if it is totaled, compensating you for the value of your vehicle.


Texas accident attorney, Texas injury lawyerUsing your cell phone while you drive is not only dangerous, it is often illegal. Texas and many cities in the state have strict cell phone laws. Young, inexperienced drivers cannot use handheld or wireless communications while operating a vehicle. In most cities and in school zones around the state, it is illegal to text while driving. However, after you have been in a car accident and have come to a complete stop, a cell smartphone can be incredibly useful. The following includes information regarding how you can take advantage of having a cell phone after a collision:

Call for help immediately.

Decades ago, someone had to get to a landline to call 911. Now, if you, someone in your car, or someone in another vehicle needs help, you can pick up your cell phone and call 911. This is a major advantage; indeed, the sooner you call, the faster first responders can get to the scene and provide aid.


Texas injury lawyer, Texas car accident attorneyA family from Austin, Texas, is learning the hard way what it is like to be hurt by a drunk driver who does not have insurance. Two parents were driving with their son when they were struck from behind by a truck. The driver of the truck was arrested at the scene for driving while intoxicated. Neither she nor the owner of the truck had up-to-date insurance on the vehicle, though the lapse in their insurance payments was too new for it to be picked up by the police. The victim family is now trying to physically and financially recover from the accident that sent their son to the ICU for a time without the at-fault party’s insurance to cover the damages. Every year, families across Texas find themselves in this position. If you were in a car accident caused by a driver without insurance, call the Austin personal injury attorneys at our firm to learn your legal options.

Uninsured Motorists across the U.S.

Some basic level of auto insurance is required in every state. Texas requires drivers to have liability insurance of at least $30,000 per person injured, so $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage. The entire purpose of this requirement is to ensure drivers can be financially responsible for any accidents they cause.


New Braunfels car crash lawyerMultiple recent car accidents in Texas have led to children being injured. In some of these accidents, investigators found some of the children in the vehicles were not properly secured in child safety seats, despite being young or small enough to need such a seat. A crash on the Loop 410 led to the deaths of a two small boys. Two other infants were severely injured in the accident. None of the children were in safety seats or wearing seat belts. The tragedy of these accidents is deepened when it is acknowledged that the proper use of child safety seats greatly reduces the likelihood of a child dying during an accident, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite the fact that car seat reduces the risk of an infant’s death by 71 percent or a toddler’s death by 54 percent, people still fail to use this safety equipment or secure their children into the seats properly.

Buying the Correct Safety Seat

Not every child safety seat is right for your child. Children grow and as they do, their seat must evolve with them. Newborns will need an infant car seat, which should only be rear-facing. The child will become too heavy or too tall for this seat. They will need the next size up, which can be forward facing and usually holds children up to 65 lbs. Many seats are convertible seats, which means they can shift and change shape to support your child through multiple stages. The last stage before children grow out of the need for a safety seat is a booster seat, which often holds children up to 80 lbs. It is important to note that you change the child’s safety seat based on their size and proper fit into the seat – not based on the child’s age.


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