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Texas accident attorneyFall and winter are the most dangerous times to drive in Texas, with inclement weather raising the risk of accidents. In late October, this was exemplified in San Marcos, when a young man driving an SUV skidded and hit the center barrier, causing his car to roll multiple times. The driver and one passenger sustained injuries, but the girl riding in the back seat was killed when the car flipped over. This is sadly common, as rollover accidents are among the most hazardous to experience, especially in less-than-ideal weather.

Common Causes and Statistics

The U.S. Department of Transportation states that approximately one-third of all passenger fatalities (as opposed to driver fatalities) occur in rollover accidents, despite rollovers only accounting for 2.1 percent of all auto crashes in 2010 (the most recent available data). Rollover accidents are more likely to be single-vehicle crashes, as well; because most impact accidents happen away from a car’s center of gravity, there is less likelihood of cars tipping over. However, if a car skids or the driver loses control, the center of gravity is irrelevant and the car may flip.


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