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TX accident lawyerThe ramp between I-35 South to I-10 West in San Antonio is known as the Finesilver Curve, and it is very common to witness accidents there at all hours. On June 4, traffic was slowed nearly the entire second half of the day due to an 18-wheeler crash just off the ramp itself. No injuries were reported, but this is frequently not the case when big rigs crash. Truck accidents are responsible for significant numbers of fatalities and injuries each year, and if you wind up in such a situation, you need to know just how to bring suit to receive compensation for any injuries.

Stagnation in Numbers

While the total number of fatalities in large truck accidents has actually decreased (for the most part) in the last decade, the most recent available data still shows 4,564 fatalities in 4,075 crashes in 2016 and approximately 180,000 injuries in 119,000 crashes in the same year. This is roughly similar to figures from the previous five years, which may have any number of causes, from increased efficacy of highway safety programs to higher standards required by trucking companies from their employees in terms of maintenance and documentation.


Texas injury lawyerOn the evening of March 30, one person was killed in a crash with an 18-wheeler in Caldwell County, southwest of Lockhart. That person has since been identified as a San Antonio man, who was the driver. He was killed when his truck flipped and struck a guardrail, and was allegedly not wearing a seatbelt. While it can often be stereotyped as a problem only seen in reckless teenagers, not wearing a seatbelt can contribute to injury and death, especially when dealing with enormous vehicles like 18-wheelers.

Seatbelts Save Lives

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) name auto accidents as one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. for those between ages 0-54 every year, and since statistics have been kept regarding seatbelt use, they have been illuminating, to say the least. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics show that approximately 14,000 lives can be estimated to have been saved through seatbelt use in 2015, with even more being saved if usage were 100 percent. While this percentage might drop somewhat if one examines only truck crashes, given an 18-wheeler’s heft and forward velocity, it is still noteworthy.


New Braunfels personal injury lawyerEarlier this spring, a Texas family began their Easter holiday with tragedy as their 10-year-old son was killed and his seven-month-old infant sister was critically injured in a rear-end accident in North Harris County on SH249 and McKinley Road, according to news reports. Law enforcement indicated that neither victim was wearing a safety belt.

Looking Closely at the Rear-End Wreck

Generally, but not always, when a rear-end collision occurs in Texas, the driver who rammed into the back of the other car is found to be liable. There are exceptions to this assumption, however. For example, the driver who crashed into the back of the other car can put forth evidence showing any of the following to remove liability from him or herself:


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car wreck liability, New Braunfels car wreck attorneyInvestigators have not yet assigned fault in a serious car crash on the Far Northwest Side that killed a vehicle passenger.

The wreck took place near the intersection of Braun Road and Wildhorse in Helotes. According to police, one vehicle was making an unprotected left turn into a subdivision when it was struck by an oncoming truck, which had a steady green light. A 62-year-old female passenger in the vehicle was killed almost instantly.

Police do not believe that alcohol was a factor.


motorcycleA motorcyclist desperately tried to avert a serious collision on the East Side, but the incident was probably unavoidable.

The wreck occurred near the intersections of White and Houston Street. Police say that a motorcycle rider was speeding and unable to avoid a vehicle that turned left directly in front of him, resulting in a T-bone collision. An eyewitness added that the motorcycle rider apparently tried to jump off the bike before striking the car, but he was unable to do so. According to the witness, the rider “hit the car as well, then he went tumbling like a receipt in the wind.”

The motorcyclist was declared dead at the scene; a vehicle passenger was transported to a local hospital with various injuries.


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