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TX accident lawyerA recent morning gave rise to a serious accident on County Road 110, near Rockride Lane in Williamson County. Law enforcement gave no indication that anyone was injured, but rollover accidents are among the deadliest types, causing disproportionate amounts of fatalities even though this type of crash is relatively uncommon. If you are lucky enough to survive a rollover crash, you likely have serious injuries and medical bills, but you may be able to obtain compensation for what you have been through.

Statistics Show High Fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics on rollover accidents are somewhat outdated, but nonetheless very revealing of trends that do not appear to have changed over time. Roughly two percent of all accidents on the road are of the rollover type, but a shocking 35 percent of all passenger vehicle deaths during that time occurred in rollovers. There are different theories as to why, but most boil down to the common-sense fact that more simply happens in most rollovers - all that metal and glass actually overturning, and the physical forces involved, will do more to a human body than most other types of car wrecks.

Some drivers do contribute to their own injuries, most often by speeding or failing to wear a seatbelt. The NHTSA also noted an association between elevated blood alcohol content (BAC) and fatal rollovers, particularly fatal single-vehicle rollovers. It is also worth noting that many rollovers happen while the driver is engaged in routine maneuvers - which in turn leads to a possible conclusion that distraction or boredom can play a role as well.


TX injury lawyerOn the night of January 6, 2019, a speeding Dodge Charger T-boned a pickup as it was turning onto FM 78 in San Antonio. The driver of the pickup was killed on impact, going through a steel fence and into a ditch. The driver of the Charger was treated for minor injuries, along with his two passengers, and then taken into custody on a charge of manslaughter. Manslaughter is a criminal charge, but it is not implausible that the family of the pickup driver might bring suit against the driver of the Charger for wrongful death on top of that. Criminal charges lead to jail time for a defendant if found guilty, while a civil suit for wrongful death leads to a defendant being held liable for their actions, and required to pay monetary damages.

Side Impact Collisions Can Be Deadly

According to statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), side-impact collisions led to approximately 24 percent of all passenger vehicle deaths on the road in 2017. Some side-impact collisions can turn into rollovers, which are particularly deadly all on their own (only around 2 percent of all vehicle crashes in 2010 were of the rollover type, but rollovers accounted for almost 35 percent of all crash-related deaths that year), but even if your car does not roll, side impact collisions can cause particular harm.

Side-impact collisions can be deadly, especially for young children, because the protection in a car is mostly congregated at the front and back. Comparatively speaking, there is very little to shield a passenger from a side-impact crash, and it is a large reason why the deaths in a side-impact crash tend to be clustered statistically at the point of impact. Some vehicles do have more protection than others, such as side airbags or side impact bars, but it is still not the same level of protection that frontal and rear crumple zones and airbags provide.


TX injury lawyerOn the night of August 10, a serious vehicle crash on San Antonio’s far west side killed one and sent four to the hospital with life-threatening and critical injuries. A young woman was arrested and later charged with intoxication manslaughter and assault, but there have also been unsubstantiated rumors that the family of the deceased may file a wrongful death suit against her. If you are unfortunate enough to lose a loved one in a car crash, it is important to understand your options in terms of seeking compensation for your loss.

Two Types of Wrongful Death

Under Texas law, there are two types of wrongful death lawsuits, though only one type may generally be brought in any one case. A standard wrongful death action, alleging negligence and seeking compensation for a defendant’s conduct in causing the death, can be brought only by certain specific family members of the deceased person - in all but the rarest exceptions, the spouse, parents, and children are the only ones who can bring suit. This does exclude siblings and other family members, which can be unfair, but the state’s rationale is that restricting the ability to bring suit to immediate family can help minimize opportunism (that is, bringing suit on behalf of a relative who played no role in that person’s life and whose passing did not truly injure the person).


TX accident lawyerOn May 8, an unidentified pedestrian was struck by a car and died at the scene on I-35’s service road, just off the US 183 flyover. While police have no information regarding the age or gender of the pedestrian, such accidents are sadly quite common on I-35, and bringing suit against anyone to recover for your injuries can be somewhat difficult. However, it is not impossible, depending on the situation.

Statistics Pinpoint Multiple Reasons

The Governors’ Highway Safety Association (GHSA)’s 2017 report on traffic safety in metropolitan areas puts Texas as the 13th most deadly state for pedestrian deaths, with 0.93 per 100,000 people. Texas, Florida, and California accounted for almost 45 percent of all pedestrian fatalities during the relevant time period, which is indicative - all three states have multiple major highways, and all experience similar traffic patterns, at least in major cities. It is not unreasonable to assume that the infrastructure of these states may contribute to pedestrians being harmed.


Posted on in Car Wrecks

Texas injury lawyerOn the afternoon of April 4, a head-on collision in west Travis County claimed two lives, as one male and one female were pronounced dead at the scene. The accident was described as a ‘two-car collision,’ later clarified to be head-on. Head-on collisions are historically the most dangerous, routinely causing the most fatalities in successive statistical years. If you manage to escape from one, bringing suit for your injuries is important, as your medical bills are likely to be high.

One of the Most Common Types

While one might think head-on collisions were rare, they are actually fairly frequent, especially in Texas, with its prevalence of two-lane roads and high-speed limits, and in general, the fatality count in frontal collisions is quite high. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that approximately half of all vehicle accident deaths occur in crashes where the initial impact is frontal. In Texas, roughly that number of vehicle accident deaths occur in multi-vehicle accidents (which is slightly higher than average), at least a portion of which can be estimated to be head-on.


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