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New Braunfels motorcycle crash attorneyEarly in July, a motorcyclist was killed in a crash that occurred on I-35 in New Braunfels. According to a news report published by KVUE ABC, a pickup truck and New Braunfels fire truck were involved in a minor accident earlier that morning. Both vehicles pulled to the shoulder, however, the fire truck was blocking two lanes of traffic. A 33-year-old Austin woman who was driving a Honda CRV swerved to avoid the fire truck and came to a complete stop. This is when the motorcyclist slammed into the back of the Honda.

Car Versus Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are thrilling and exciting, often bringing adventures that would not happen in other types of transportation. While this may be true, it is also true that motorcycles are less stable and less visible than automobiles. Motorcycles also often have higher speed capacities than most cars. These reasons, among other factors, contribute to the statistic, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, that the number of motorcycle deaths is 30 times higher than vehicle accident deaths. Approximately 4,667 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents in 2012. Studies show that more than 40 percent of these deaths were involved in single-vehicle crashes; over 50 percent involved multiple vehicles. Ninety-one percent of motorcyclists killed in that same year were male. Moreover, 63 percent of the females who died in these crashes were motorcycle passengers.

motorcycle crashesMotorcyclists face their own risks separate from drivers who operate four-wheel vehicles. Due to several factors, including the difference in size and speed between a car and motorcycle, both types of licensed drivers need to be fully aware of each other on the road to prevent accidents from occurring. Motorcycles are less visible to other drivers and pedestrians and are more vulnerable to hazardous weather and road conditions, which may lead to an increase in safety concerns. According to the Insurance Information Institute, when it comes to crashes involving motorcycles, statistics revealed:
  • 4,668 fatalities in 2013;
  • 88,000 injuries in 2013;
  • An accident fatality was 26 times more likely to involve a motorcyclist than a passenger car occupant; and
  • Accident injuries were five times more likely to involve a motorcyclist than a passenger car occupant.
The Texas A&M Transportation Institute reported motorcyclists make up 16 percent of all vehicle deaths in Texas. The institute launched its Look Learn Live initiative in 2009 to promote motorcycle safety and awareness in affiliation with the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition. The website is a resource for both motorcycle drivers and other motorists to learn about best practices to employ for on-the-road safety that is beneficial to everyone. People who choose to operate a motorcycle must abide by the same traffic laws and regulations in place to prevent accidents caused by inattentive, fatigued, or drunk driving. Additionally, the state of Texas requires anyone age 20 and under to wear a motorcycle helmet with exemption for riders 21 years of age and older if the motorcycle operator has successfully completed a safety training course and holds proof of a medical insurance policy. Wearing a helmet has been effective in preventing fatalities by approximately 37 percent and has shown 67 percent effectiveness in preventing brain injuries, according to data from Consumer Reports. Motorcyclists hold the same responsibilities of other drivers on the road, but must also exude extra precaution and proven driver maneuverability to ensure sharing the road safely. If you or someone you know have suffered injuries due to an accident involving a motorcycle in Texas, contact an experienced New Braunfels motorcycle accident attorney today for a free case evaluation.
According to the Austin Statesman, a San Antonio couple “died in motorcycle accident in New Braunfels” in early August when they crossed into oncoming traffic. Both Raul Guerrero, 34, and his wife Rebecca Guerrero, 37, were killed with they collided with the front of a Dodge pickup truck at about 7pm in the evening, according to New Braunfels police. She died instantly and was pronounced dead at the scene. Raul was driving the motorcycle, and was initially “taken to Christus New Braunfels Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.” According to the Statesman, neither were wearing helmets.  A recent CDC study found that “between 2001 and 2008, more than 34,000 motorcyclists were killed, and an estimated 1,222,000 persons were treated in a U.S. emergency department for a non-fatal motorcycle-related injury.” Not surprisingly, the highest death and injury rates were for drivers and passengers 20–29 years old. Wearing a helmet can save a motorcyclist’s life in the event of a crash, and “the most effective way to get people to wear helmets is by passing and enforcing a universal helmet law,” according to the CDC. A universal law such as this requires all riders and passengers to wear a helmet, no matter how far they’re riding or how far from home. Passing a helmet law such as this is in the jurisdiction of individual states. “As of May 2012, 19 states and the District of Columbia had universal helmet laws, 28 states had a partial helmet law, and 3 states had no helmet law.” According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, The only three states with no motorcycle helmet use law are Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire. Texas, however, has only a partial helmet use law, requiring only riders 20 years old and younger to wear a helmet. Police have speculated that if the San Antonio drivers killed in New Braunfels were wearing helmets they may not have died. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident—either because of a motorcycle or as a rider—don’t go through it alone. Contact an experienced New Braunfels injury attorney today. Image courtesy of

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