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New Braunfels rear-end collision lawyerWhen you think of a rear-end accident, you may think of something small, like a fender bender. In many cases, injuries from a rear-end accident will likely be mild to moderate. However, any type of car accident has the potential to be serious. The Insurance Information Institute (III) states that rear-end car accidents were responsible for more than 7 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2019. Injuries sustained from a rear-end accident can affect your everyday life and result in chronic conditions that may never truly heal. If you have been in a rear-end accident, you should discuss it with a Texas car accident injury lawyer.

Determining Fault After a Rear-End Accident

One of the first things that injury victims should do after a car crash is try to determine whose fault the accident was. In most cases, rear-end accidents are the fault of the vehicle whose front end collided with the other vehicle’s back end. For example, a collision could take place if the driver of the rear vehicle fails to notice that the vehicle in front is slowing down. However, total fault is not always assigned to one person. In some cases, the driver in front can be partially at fault for the accident. For example, perhaps the driver in the above situation was slowing down to turn, but they did not have their turn signal on. They could then be found partially responsible for the collision accident.

Injuries After a Rear-End Collision

There are various injuries that could result from a rear-end accident, including:


New Braunfels car crash attorneyIt is becoming more popular for individuals to take taxis or ride-sharing services than to drive themselves. There are many reasons for the rise of more driving services. Many people prefer not to take on the financial burden of a car or others want to take a cab or Uber so they can have a few drinks with friends without fear of a DUI. As helpful as ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft may be, they are not immune to auto accidents. Plus, when a ride-sharing vehicle is in a crash, there are additional considerations than if two drivers were simply in their personal vehicles. If you were hurt after being hit by an Uber, Lyft, or other car service, you may have to work with both the company and the driver to fully recover for your injuries. For more information on how to navigate this situation, contact the New Braunfels personal injury attorneys at our office for help.

Whose Insurance is Responsible?

The main question after getting into an accident with an Uber or ride-sharing service vehicle is whose insurance is responsible for the property, physical, and emotional damage: Uber’s policy or the drivers?


New Braunfels car wreck lawyerWe have all heard of the dangers of distracted driving and its impact on car accident statistics, but did you know that in the state of Texas, distracted driving behaviors such as talking on a cell phone can impact more than just your health and general well-being? Using your cell phone can impact your wallet, too. 

While it is true that there is no statewide law that bans the use of a cell phone in the car, the state does enforce fines for anyone caught using a cell phone behind the wheel under prohibited circumstances. Although this is not a new concept across the nation, it is a practice that is strictly enforced and is intended to limit the amount of cell phone usage while driving throughout the state.

Fines and Restrictions


negligence per se, New Braunfels car crash lawyerIn most negligence matters, including car crashes, and landowner liability, the plaintiff must prove duty, breach, cause in fact, proximate cause, and damages. In some instances, however, a legal shortcut may be available.

Alcohol-related crashes are a good example. Impairment begins with only one drink, in most cases. Such impairment violates the duty of care and, if that breach causes injury, the defendant is liable for damages. But if the defendant had a BAC of .08 or above, a case in civil court might be easier to prove.

Negligence Per Se


DUI, alcohol-related crash, New Braunfels car crash lawyerAn area man faces serious charges after he was allegedly intoxicated while traveling on the wrong side of the road just before smashing into an oncoming vehicle.

The wreck took place near the intersection of West Military and Chinook. A male driver of a compact car collided head-on with another car. Three people – the male driver and the two occupants of the other vehicle – were all rushed to an area hospital. One victim, a 50-year-old woman, was subsequently pronounced dead. Police are unsure how long the male driver, who was described as “heavily intoxicated,” had been driving on the wrong side of the road.

The driver is currently facing one count of intoxication manslaughter along with one count of intoxication assault, and the charges could be upgraded later.


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