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Texas injury attorney, Texas accident lawyerUnfortunately, medical errors are a common cause of death in America. From minor miscommunications to significant, unfathomable mistakes, patients often lose their lives because of one preventable action. One type of potential mistake patients face is nurses or physicians administering medications incorrectly. Drugs can be administered in a number of different ways including orally through pill form, intravenously, or directly into the spinal canal. Some medications can be administered in more than one form while other drugs should only be administered in one particular way. When a drug is given to a patient improperly, it may lead to serious injury and death.

Oncology Nurses Can Avoid Improperly Administering Chemotherapy Drugs

During the Oncology Nursing Society’s 42nd Annual Congress, a presenter discussed the proper, evidence-based administration of vincristine to patients undergoing chemotherapy. Vincristine is a vinca alkaloid that is commonly used during chemotherapy treatment to block the growth of cancer. It is very effective. However, if it is administered incorrectly and directly into the patient’s spinal fluid, it will lead to paralysis, neurological defects, and death. Unfortunately, this mistake can occur when patients receive other chemotherapy drugs directly into their spine. To avoid this error, oncology nurses are encouraged to always administer vincristine through mini-IV drip bags. Not only does using a mini bag prevent incorrect administration, it can also reduce the risk of extravasation, which is the leaking of intravenous drugs into the surrounding tissue. If the drug is never administered through a syringe, then it is impossible to improperly administer it into the spine.


Texas malpractice attorney, Texas injury lawyerOne woman and her family lost their mother on March 12, 2015. Their 87-year-old mother had been admitted to Kindred Hospital Sugar Land that month for pneumonia, and they had watched her health steadily deteriorate. When they were told by the medical staff that their mother had passed away, they had assumed it was from complications with the pneumonia – not a botched medical procedure. However, a letter from a nurse on staff at the time sent in January 2017 told a much different – and horrifying – story.

Hidden Medical Malpractice

Without the knowledge or consent of the woman, a physician at the hospital attempted to insert a catheter into a major vein in her mother’s neck in order to start dialysis – a treatment that could have potentially helped her mother’s kidney issues. The physician’s first attempt did not stick and his second attempt on the other side of her mother’s neck went even worse. The woman’s mother lost an extreme amount of blood and her heart stopped. She was initially revived but her heart stopped again. During this procedure, the woman and one of her brothers attempted to visit her and were not allowed in the room.


Texas malpractice attorney, Texas injury lawyerThe Second Court of Appeals of Texas determined the standard of care that applies during emergency medical treatment is only relevant if the patient was first treated in a hospital’s emergency department. Under Texas law, there is a higher legal standard for bringing medical malpractice cases against emergency room physicians and medical personnel than when medical malpractice lawsuits are filed against other medical professionals or facilities. This heightened standard is meant to offer additional protections for ER doctors. However, there are limits to this protection. A Texas appellate court found this standard did not apply in a situation in which an infant suffered an injury at birth following the mother receiving some emergency medical care.

The appellate court’s decision is good news for patients who were injured and may have been limited by having to prove a willful and wanton standard of negligence during a medical malpractice claim.

Texas’ ER Standard of Care


Texas malpractice lawyer, Texas injury attorneyIn mid-February, A former Texas surgeon was sentenced to life in prison after injuring multiple patients during recklessly and maliciously performed operations, CBS Dallas reported. The prosecutors brought multiple charges against the surgeon for actions including operating on the wrong portion of a patient’s spine, improperly placing screws and plates in a person’s spine, cutting a major vein within a patient, and leaving a sponge in another patient.

While this is an example of the criminal charges that can be brought against a physician for negligent care, the victims and their families can also bring civil medical malpractice lawsuits against negligent, reckless, and malicious medical providers.

Texas Medical Malpractice Claims


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tort reform, medical malpractice, New Braunfels personal injury lawyer

This past summer, Governor Greg Abbott signed two key pieces of legislation that went into effect on September 1, 2015. These new laws further restrict the ability of medical malpractice victims to obtain compensation for their injuries.

Senate Bill 735 essentially requires plaintiffs to show that they have a winning case before propounding discovery as to the defendant’s net worth. If the court allows the discovery, its scope is severely limited and generally seems to be slanted in favor of the defendant. Meanwhile, House Bill 1692 changes the Civil Practice and Remedies Code to prohibit victims from filing negligence lawsuits in Texas unless the incident took place in The Lone Star State.

These changes come shortly after a North Texas family filed suit against a hospital that diagnosed a woman with a sinus infection when a CT scan, which was performed at the same hospital, allegedly indicated she had a brain aneurism.


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