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Nursing Home Use of Antipsychotic Drugsnew report by AARP exposes the overuse of antipsychotic and other dangerous medications to nursing home patients. According to nursing home statistics from the University of California, one in five nursing home patients are given antipsychotic drugs that are unnecessary. These drugs are also often extremely dangerous, especially for elderly patients.

A major issue with many nursing homes is they are understaffed. There should be one CNA to every seven patients, but the average nursing home ratio is one CNA for every 15 patients. There are also very few physicians on staff at nursing homes.

Antipsychotic drugs are given to patients as a “chemical restraint” to keep patients who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other conditions sedated and quiet. Many drug manufacturers marketed these drugs to nursing homes to be used in this manner. Last year, several drug companies were fined more than $2.2 billion for touting the use of antipsychotics to nursing homes, even though the companies knew the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had not approved their use in elderly patients.


nursing home abuse, negligence, Texas personal injury attorneyWhen we place our loved ones in nursing home, there should be piece of mind knowing that they are in a safe place and are being well taken care of. But every day, we hear horror stories about the horrendous abuse our senior citizens suffer in the care of nursing homes. Nursing home abuse can be in the form of physical, sexual or verbal abuse.

A new study commissioned by the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee found that one on three nursing home patients suffer abuse at the hands of the very people who are in charge of taking care of them.

Almost one-third of this country’s nursing homes – 5,283 – were cited for 9,000 incidents of abuse in just a two year period. That number could be underestimated, since other studies have shown that only 1 in 14 elderly people tell someone that they are being abused.


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According to the Southeast Texas Record, Inocencia Alanis is alleging that sustained injuries that have resulted in her suffering multiple injuries including immobility. She is alleging that these injuries happened because of the negligence of employees of the Regent Care Center in League City. TheresaAt the time of her injury, her arm was in a sling and the staff attempted to move her into a bed without properly placing her injured arm on top of her body. This action in turn caused her arm to roll off the employee’s shoulder. It was later determined that she suffered a fractured humerus. She was then transferred to a nearby medical center where she underwent testing to determine the full extent of her injuries. It was also determined that she suffered compression fractures in her spine. Her suit alleges that because of her injuries, she is experiencing back pain that is so severe, that she is rendered her immobile. It is virtually impossible for her to walk or even move because of the extreme pain that she is experiencing. In her suit, she is alleging that the facility is negligent in failing to train its employees in the proper procedure of moving patients, failing to transfer her in such a way that is mindful of her current injury and not causing further injury, and failing to follow the doctor’s orders when it came to her care. She is seeking monetary damages in an unspecified amount and she has requested to have a jury trial in the matter. If you have been hurt as a result of the negligent actions of medical staff at an office or facility, contact an experienced Texas accident attorney. Your attorney will assess your case to see if you have a basis to ask for monetary award as well as the payment of medical bills.

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When people get old, they sometimes need constant care to be able to lead their lives. This is when nursing homes come into play, but sometimes issues arise with the care provided by the nursing homes. Nursing home negligence is one of the issues handled by personal injury attorneys, so here is an example of what a nursing home negligence case might involve. reported a story on this particular case. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Denzil Weaver after a nursing home allegedly forgot to administer medication to weaver twice, which lead to hospitalization on both occasions. Kandace Harris filed suit against the company running the Jefferson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Windsor N.H.R. Partnetrs of Beaumont. Weaver was admitted to Jefferson Nursing for rehabilitation after a total knee replacement, and her doctor had prescribed medication to prevent blood clots. The center failed to administer the drug, which led to Weaver's hospitalization. When Weaver returned to Jefferson Nursing from her hospitalization, the same thing happened again, according to the suit. Jefferson Nursing is accused of negligence for falling below the standard of care and of the failure to correctly administer the medication. If you or a loved suffer a personal injury, and someone else is the reason for this injury, you might be eligible for compensation. Whether this injury occurs in a traffic accident or is a result of nursing home negligence or a defective product, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. Contact our offices for a consultation with our New Braunfels, Texas personal injury attorneys.

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