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TX injury lawyerStatistically, young drivers are among the most reckless, being involved in the most accidents of any age group. However, at Akins High School in South Austin, young people have been the victims lately. The student body has experienced multiple pedestrian accidents in recent weeks, with both occurring on the same road, in the same general area. While one pedestrian accident is a tragic accident, two or more occurring in the same place at roughly the same time may imply that a duty of care is not being met.

Texas Has Poor Record on Pedestrian Safety

Texas’ record in pedestrian safety is decidedly subpar, or at least it has been in recent years, though changes are being implemented slowly. In 2017, there were 614 pedestrian fatalities in the state, which is a drop of approximately 10 percent. However, the national total remained roughly the same, according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA)’s preliminary data. Only California and Florida reported more pedestrian fatalities in 2018 than Texas, which is a trend that has existed for a number of years now.

Certain initiatives to lower pedestrian deaths and injuries have begun to be instituted, such as Austin’s Pedestrian Safety Plan. These programs try to assess walkability of roads, effectiveness of traffic patterns and other urban planning issues to determine how the cities and towns they serve can be made safer for pedestrians. However, these plans alone may not alleviate all the potential trouble spots, and sometimes it may take legal action to identify areas where pedestrian accidents are most likely to happen.


Texas injury attorneyWhen a car accident occurs, most of the time, the blame is laid at the door of one or more drivers involved. However, in some situations, there may be another entity that might bear some of the liability for injuries sustained in such a crash: the local, state or even federal government. While it is not always possible, there are many occasions when a governmental entity may be found liable or partially liable if you are injured in an auto accident. Understanding the big picture may help you decide whether or not to include such an entity in any lawsuit you bring.

Can I Even Sue?

The first question one must ask in this type of lawsuit is to determine which specific entity maintains the road where you had your accident. Roads in Texas are maintained by a host of different municipalities and government agencies, and as one might imagine, it is imperative to ensure that the right agency is the object of your suit. Sometimes, agencies will even share maintenance duties (for example, one might fill potholes, while another might be responsible for signage).


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Texas accident attorneyA 21-year-old woman was skateboarding with her boyfriend on De Zavala Road near the Interstate 10 access road when she was run over and dragged by a car. The motorist reportedly stopped as the young woman appeared out from under the car. Did the driver check on the health of the woman and call the police or an ambulance? No. He decided to speed off and leave the young woman to fend for herself.

Fortunately, another motorist caught the entire collision on their dash cam. The young woman’s boyfriend also saw the collision and chased after the negligent driver. The boyfriend was able to discern that there were two people in the vehicle that ran over his girlfriend.

The young woman suffered serious, debilitating injuries including over a dozen bone fractures, lacerations, and road rash. Her injuries were so bad that she will have to undergo skin graft surgery on her hip since it was skinned off entirely while she was being dragged by the car.


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Texas accident lawyerWhen a large commercial vehicle like a bus collides with a smaller vehicle, the consequences can be severe. For example, a VIA bus collided with a parked pickup truck on the 2400 block of Ruiz Street in San Antonio. A woman was in the pickup truck when it was hit by the bus. Then the bus pushed the pickup truck into three other parked vehicles. The woman had to be removed from the mangled pickup truck and transported to University Hospital with serious injuries, according to My San Antonio.

Unfortunately, serious accidents involving large buses and other commercial vehicles are quite common. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were approximately 4,311 fatal accidents involving large trucks and buses. That represents an eight percent increase in deadly accidents when compared to 2014. If that was not bad enough, the number of fatal wrecks involving large trucks and buses has jumped by 26 percent since in 2009.

Steps to Take After an Accident


Texas accident lawyerOn September 1, a long-awaited texting and driving ban became law in Texas, after being proposed three times before and being vetoed or dying in committee each time. Texas had been one of only four states without a texting and driving ban of any kind, but after several high-profile accidents, including a March collision between a texting driver and a bus full of elderly people, lawmakers pushed it through. While most people are pleased due to the decreased likelihood of dangerous accidents, others are confused and want to ensure they do not accidentally fall foul of the new law.

Statistics and Caveats

This bill is seen as a win, albeit a partial win, for ban advocates. The most recent available data shows approximately 110,000 automobile crashes in Texas during 2016 that involved distracted driving, with texting & driving being arguably the most common root cause of that distraction. Over 3,500 serious injuries and fatalities resulted from those crashes, of which the highest percentage was aged 16-34. Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and StopDistractions.org were active in the fight to get the bill passed, arguing that such a rate was simply too high, especially for young people.


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