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bus accidentPublic transportation should always strive to offer safe and affordable means of travel for citizens. Sadly, this is not always the case. Accidents do occur, often as the results of neglect. Some passengers are lucky enough to walk away from a bus accident with little more than a scare; others, however, might suffer more serious injuries. All passengers have rights, and it is important to understand them—especially when accidents happen. Depending on the nature of the accident, it may be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit. It is always beneficial to review the details of the incident and any injuries sustained with an experienced personal injury attorney. Sometimes, the cause of an accident is not always clear. Crashes may occur as a result of driver negligence, poor road design, inclement weather, bus or car defects, and more. Despite the reason, there are some important steps everyone should take after experiencing an accident—whether one appears to be injured or not. What to Do After a Bus Accident According to Bankrate.com, looking after one's own safety and health is the most important step to take. While the accident may have been completely preventable and a lawsuit might be in order, these concerns should never come before the immediate condition of a passenger. Be sure to contact a physician or even a local hospital emergency room to address injuries. Whether the city owned the bus or it belonged to a private company may influence the personal injury case. Cases involving city buses and public transit are sometimes more difficult to win, but they are still manageable if there is sufficient evidence of neglect. Another important factor when dealing with a bus accident is addressing the type of injuries sustained. Some injuries from a car accident might not be as apparent within a few days or weeks after the incident. This is another reason why it is so critical to consult a doctor after the accident; the information from a clinical analysis may be vital for your case. If you have recently been in an auto accident involving a bus or public transportation, it can be to your benefit to consult an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer. At The Bettersworth Law Firm, we can review your case and offer consultation and advice on the next steps. Contact us today at 830-606-0404.

A new study titled "Measuring Sprawl 2014" finds that those living in highly populated areas reap many benefits including longevity, better health status, and more economic mobility. The study scored urban sprawl throughout 221 metropolitan locations and found that among other indicators, city dwellers were less likely to die in car accidents.

Using scores developed out of factors like proximity to business and people, the size of local street networks, the land use mix, and development density, researchers compared that data with quality of life measures like chronic disease, safety, obesity, and the cost of living.

Living in the city showed promising results for helping people succeed in life: every 10 percent increase in density was connected to a 4.1 percent increase in the chance that children born in the lowest part of the nationwide income distribution would move up the ranks to the top 20 percent by age 30.


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