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TX injury lawyerOne man was killed and two others severely injured after a sedan lost control and wound up T-boned by a truck on July 9. The accident occurred on West Cesar Chavez Street, snarling traffic around the Lamar Bridge for hours. T-bone accidents are less common than other types, but when they do occur, they can cause serious long-term injuries or even death, for many varied reasons.

Statistics and Patterns

While no auto accident will ever be fully predictable, data does show certain trends. Around 18 percent of all fatal auto accidents involved a side-impact collision, the majority of those being impacts on the same side where the deceased person was sitting. While in general, crashes on the same side of the vehicle as a person is sitting on will cause them greater harm than would a crash on the opposite side (or the front or back), studies have shown that even with seatbelts, the risk of injury or death in a same side-impact crash is greater than in any other type of accident.


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