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TX car accident lawyerA large portion of Texas enjoys fairly warm weather for most of the year, but winter temperatures sometimes do happen, even as far south as Houston or San Antonio. In early February 2020, snow flurries have led to fun and memories - but have also led to icy roads and crashes. In Austin, parts of North Loop 360 and East U.S. 290 were closed, and in Round Rock, RM 1431 saw two crashes recently. While law enforcement and the Texas Department of Transportation were able to manage the majority of issues on the roads, this is by no means guaranteed. If you are in an auto accident where the weather could have played a role, it is a good idea to understand what options you might have for compensation.

What People Do In Weather

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s Road Weather Management Program (RWMP) estimates that as many as 21 percent of all auto accidents are weather-related, whether rain, sleet, fog, snow, wind, or another type. On average, almost 5,000 fatalities happen every year as a result of these crashes - because of weather, obviously, but more specifically because of certain factors in driving due to weather; namely, how individual drivers approach unusual or sudden weather patterns.

For example, heavy snowfall can reduce the rate of speed on a freeway by as much as 40 percent - but there will always be some driver who continues to drive, often aggressively, at a rate of speed that would be fine on smooth, dry roads, but is too fast when ice or rain is present. Auto accident cases often turn on the “reasonableness” (or lack thereof) of someone’s actions, and if it can be shown that the driver’s speed plus the weather was unreasonable, they will often wind up being liable for any injuries they caused.


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Texas injury lawyerThis year, Texas has seen its share of cold weather. With cold weather tends to come ice and unfamiliar driving conditions, and when conditions are unfamiliar, accidents result - one report had as many as 230 crashes occurring in San Antonio during the week of January 15-19. If you have had the misfortune to be involved in one, it may simply be bad luck, but it may also be the result of someone’s negligence.

Deceptive Road Conditions

One of the most common reasons for accidents in Texas winter weather is that the roads may still appear to be in normal working order. For example, in areas further north where feet of snow may fall at any moment, it is a large, bright warning sign that caution is required in driving. Texans almost never have this, even if temperatures are below freezing. Black ice is very difficult to detect on the roadways, and it is one of the leading causes of accidents on non-snowy roads. It can even play a role in accidents that are in theory not caused by sliding; many people do not realize that rain is freezing until it has hit the ground.


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