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The Impacts of Defective Medications

Posted on in Medical Malpractice
Although pharmaceutical companies often tout the benefits of their medications as the most recent developments in research, medication hitting the market is not always perfect. Defective medications can be extremely harmful to patients who might not be aware of the short and long term impacts of their medicine. Putting their faith in the drug companies and their doctors, patients taking defective medications often believe they are taking steps towards bettering their health. LauraThe side effects of defective medications can wreak havoc on the life of a patient, particularly if the side effects result in a lifelong complication. One of the most dangerous kinds of side effects are those that can cause pregnancy complications leading to birth defects. For some parents, learning about the side effects comes too little, too late. Although some birth defects can be fixed over time, other individuals will live with their complications for the remainder of their life. Suicidal thoughts and depression are other disturbing outcomes of taking defective medications. Medications that can alter the chemistry of the brain can be extremely dangerous, and when these drugs malfunction, users can experience sudden and dramatic changes in their mood and overall feelings about life. Individuals experiencing these feelings should seek the opinion of their physician immediately and contact and attorney. Heart complications are another serious side effect of defective medication. Although advances in cardiology have grown dramatically in the last 25 years, the heart is still extremely susceptible to the subtle changes that a defective medicine can generate. If a medication causes problems for the heart, doctors may have to act within moments to save the life of a patient. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a defective medication, your life has been changed forever. No patient should have to suffer the consequences of dangerous drugs. Contact an attorney¬†in New Braunfels¬†today to discuss your case.  

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