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TX injury lawyerOn the night of August 22, the passenger in a black sedan was attempting to leave the car when it was T-boned in the intersection of the I-35 S service road and Koenig Lane in Austin. The passenger was killed, and the driver sustained minor injuries, along with the driver of the vehicle that hit the sedan. This type of accident is among the most difficult to experience or witness, because it can come completely out of nowhere, and create tragic consequences. If this happens to you, it is imperative that you understand your potential liability.

T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents are common and can cause real problems. Unlike front and rear collisions, side impact crashes can be particularly dangerous because there is very little between passengers and the crash. Recent data states that approximately one-quarter of all crash deaths in 2016 were due to side-impact collisions. In most situations, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault in a side-impact collision, just because so many scenarios are possible, though in a situation such as the Koenig Lane accident, the record shows fault, and this may be true in your accident as well.


Posted on in Car Wrecks

TX injury lawyerA 28-year old woman was killed after a single-vehicle accident in New Braunfels on August 20, having struck a traffic light pole head-on. She was pronounced dead at the scene, but the crash is listed as still being investigated. Single-vehicle accidents, as this one appears to have been, are difficult to investigate fully, because so often there are factors that do not necessarily appear in a crime scene record. If you have been involved in a single-vehicle accident, it is important to understand that it is not necessarily as easy to hold someone liable for your injuries as it would be with a two or three-car crash.

Single-Vehicle Accidents Can Be Deadly

Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) show that as many as 55 percent of nationwide deaths in auto accidents occurred in single-vehicle crashes. Almost exactly half of Texas’ recorded crash fatalities fall into this category, with roughly 1900 deaths recorded in crashes like the one in New Braunfels. One might wonder why this would be the case, but there are multiple reasons why single-vehicle crashes can be so deadly. Perhaps the most common reason is that a higher proportion of single-vehicle accidents tend to be rollovers, where the vehicle winds up flipping, and rollover accidents are the single most deadly type of vehicle crash because of the lack of protection in most autos to guard against these crashes. In other words, rollover accidents damage vehicles in ways other types usually do not - for example, damage to the roof of the automobile - and as such, little protection is available.


TX injury lawyerOn the night of August 10, a serious vehicle crash on San Antonio’s far west side killed one and sent four to the hospital with life-threatening and critical injuries. A young woman was arrested and later charged with intoxication manslaughter and assault, but there have also been unsubstantiated rumors that the family of the deceased may file a wrongful death suit against her. If you are unfortunate enough to lose a loved one in a car crash, it is important to understand your options in terms of seeking compensation for your loss.

Two Types of Wrongful Death

Under Texas law, there are two types of wrongful death lawsuits, though only one type may generally be brought in any one case. A standard wrongful death action, alleging negligence and seeking compensation for a defendant’s conduct in causing the death, can be brought only by certain specific family members of the deceased person - in all but the rarest exceptions, the spouse, parents, and children are the only ones who can bring suit. This does exclude siblings and other family members, which can be unfair, but the state’s rationale is that restricting the ability to bring suit to immediate family can help minimize opportunism (that is, bringing suit on behalf of a relative who played no role in that person’s life and whose passing did not truly injure the person).


TX injury lawyerThe morning of August 14 saw I-35 near New Braunfels closed, as the brakes of an 18-wheeler caught fire. The truck became stuck, spilling cargo on the road that required several hours to clean up. While as of this writing, no injuries have been reported, it is worth noting that this particular type of crash, which can seem innocuous, can cause severe injury both to the truck driver and to others on the road.

Trucks Can Be Dangerous to All

It is well established that trucking accidents can cause severe injury and death for all involved, and generally do, given the higher weights and potentially dangerous substances that may play a part. The most recent available data reports approximately 4,000 deaths from truck accidents in 2016, but the most important note is that of these fatalities, an astonishing 97 percent of the deaths in two-vehicle accidents of this type (where one was a truck and the other an automobile) were automobile occupants. Trucks simply have the proverbial edge.


TX truck accidentOn August 9, I-35 near Georgetown saw a severe crash between two 18-wheelers, causing damage but luckily no injuries. The first appeared to sideswipe the second, getting pinned in between it and the concrete guardrail. While it is unusual for two trucks to wind up pinned together, trucking accidents are sadly too common on Texas freeways, especially near major cities such as Austin.

Truck Wrecks Cause More Deaths

While deaths can occur in any kind of auto accident, truck crashes consistently cause more fatalities than car crashes, simply because there is so much more weight being spread around. Data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for 2016 shows 4,564 fatalities in 2015 resulting from crashes that involved large trucks or buses - which is approximately 5 percent up from the previous year. If an automobile is involved in an accident with a vehicle the size of the average 18 wheeler, it will get the proverbial short end of the stick, even if the trailer is not loaded - but if it is, it may be even more dangerous.


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