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How do people pay their bills after crashes with uninsured drivers?

 Posted on April 23,2023 in Uncategorized

Texas law treats driving as a privilege, not a right. Therefore, the state imposes numerous restrictions on someone’s ability to legally operate a motor vehicle on public roads. Drivers need to have a license and must attend special educational courses in order to obtain that license. They need to register their vehicles with the state and also carry liability coverage.

Texas requires both property damage and bodily injury liability protection so that those who cause crashes don’t leave others struggling with financial hardship. However, sometimes people cause crashes and then sheepishly admit to the other people involved or the police officers that arrive that they do not have a current insurance policy. As a result of this reality, what happens to those injured by someone without insurance?

They can use their own policy, sometimes

The basic insurance required by state law will not protect a Texas motorist from crashes caused by an uninsured driver, but they have the option of adding extra coverage to their policy for exactly that situation. Not every driver in Texas invests in extra insurance coverage, but those that do will have less to worry about after a crash caused by an uninsured driver. They will be able to use their extra insurance to pay for some of their costs.

Uninsured motorist coverage can pay to repair a vehicle, replace someone’s income and cover their medical expenses. Collision and comprehensive coverage mandated by some vehicle financing companies can also help those worried about repairing a vehicle after a crash caused by an uninsured driver. Drivers with extra coverage, therefore, don’t have to worry about immediate financial hardship caused by someone else’s lack of insurance.

They can take the case to civil court

Personal injury statutes in Texas give people the right to file a claim when someone else causes them physical injury or damages their property. Insurance protects people from such liability, and those without coverage can easily end up in court. A personal injury lawsuit can help people recover the financial losses they have suffered after a crash. Often such claims involve the at-fault driver, but there are sometimes other parties that may have partial responsibility for the wreck.

Looking into every option for covering crash expenses with the assistance of an experienced legal professional can help those who have been hurt by an uninsured driver to better cover their costs and address their losses.

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